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Felt Sushi • Felt Playfood • Japanese Play Food


Oishi! (Japanese for “delicious) I love to cook—even if it’s pretend food!

This felt sushi set is a great way to introduce your kids to new foods. Four kinds of sushi just need a set of chopsticks. The black seaweed wrap has a small velcro tab that allows your little one to assemble the shrimp or egg sushi.

A great learning tool, your child will see color and texture, practice their dexterity and try new foods.

The set includes one “maki sushi” (rice with veggies rolled inside seaweed), one "inari sushi" (fried tofu pocket stuffed with sweetened rice), “tamago sushi" (seasoned egg block on rice, wrapped in seaweed) and a prawn sushi.

Approximate Measurements: Maki is 1-1//2” round; Inari is 2” x 2”; Tamago is 3” x 2”; Shrimp is 4” x 2”

Each piece is lovingly handmade using EcoFi felt (made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic), polyfill and foam. Machine or hand washable and dryer safe. All patterns are designed by Noshkins. Packaging is designed and assembled by Noshkins. Boxed for easy wrapping.

- Excellent educational toy to learn shapes, colors and nutrition.
- Makes a wonderful gift for children and collectors.
- No owies for mom is stepped on and no boo-boos for kids if thrown!

Recommended for children ages 3 and up.